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🎯How to choose a career

🎯Career Choices after Pharmacy Degree

🎯Resume Writing

🎯How to answer interview Q&A

🎯How to optimize Linkdln Profile for personal branding

🎯Your next step for your career with me

Why you should attend this workshop?

1: Career Exploration

3: Job Search Strategies

5: Skill Development Plan

4: Online courses and workshops

6: Internship Guide

2: Resume and Cover Letter Review

Book Seat worth ₹9999 Offline for just ₹199 & learn from your home!

We have limited seats available!

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Medical Career E-Book

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10+ Resume Templates

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Value Rs 1499

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DRx Muthulakshmi, is a B. Pharmacy Graduate got a Job in a Life Science Company with 100% Hike Rate. Muthulakshmi Career Coach in Pharmacy, dedicated to helping aspiring pharmacists and pharmacy professionals achieve their career goals.

Areas of Expertise:

1. Career Path Guidance: DRx Muthulakshmi helps pharmacy students and professionals identify their unique strengths and interests to chart a personalized career path. She is well-versed in the different sectors of pharmacy, from retail and hospital pharmacy to research and pharmaceutical industry roles.

2. Resume Building and Interview Skills: With her extensive experience in reviewing resumes and conducting interviews. She provides invaluable guidance on crafting impressive resumes and acing job interviews.

3. Networking and Professional Development: She understands the importance of networking in the pharmacy world. She teaches effective networking strategies and offers insights on how to grow professionally within the field.

4. Leadership and Management Skills: For those looking to advance into leadership or management roles within pharmacy, She provides mentorship on honing leadership skills, managing teams, and navigating the challenges of pharmacy management.

5. Industry Trends and Continuing Education: Staying current is essential in the ever-evolving pharmacy landscape. She keeps her mentees informed about the latest trends, innovations, and continuing education opportunities to help them stay competitive.

Approach to Mentoring:

DRx. Muthulakshmi is known for her empathetic and supportive approach to mentoring. She takes the time to understand each mentee's aspirations, challenges, and concerns. Her guidance is tailored to each individual's unique circumstances, ensuring that they feel empowered and confident in their career choices. She believes in fostering a collaborative mentor-mentee relationship and encourages open communication. She takes pride in celebrating her mentees' successes and is committed to helping them overcome obstacles along their career journey. With her extensive knowledge, passion for pharmacy, and dedication to her mentees' success, DRx Muthulakshmi is a trusted mentor for anyone seeking to thrive in the dynamic field of pharmacy. Her commitment to nurturing future pharmacy leaders makes her an invaluable resource for aspiring pharmacists and pharmacy professionals alike.

Having Doubts?

Q1: What is this career coaching webinar about?

A1: This webinar is designed to help you navigate and excel in your career. We'll cover various topics like resume building, job searching strategies, interview preparation, and more.

Q2: Who should attend this webinar?

A2. Anyone looking to advance their career in pharmacy, whether you're a recent graduate, a mid-career professional, or someone considering a career change, can benefit from this webinar.

Q3. Why does this program cost only Rs.199?

A3: The fee is just to make sure to get a commitment from you that you will be there. It is not the value of the program. Attend the program and understand the value yourself.

Q4: How long will the webinar last?

A4: The duration of the webinar will typically be around 60 to 90 minutes, including time for Q&A.

Q5: When and where will the webinar take place?

A5: The date, time, and platform details will be provided upon registration. We'll make sure to send you all the necessary information.

Q6. If I miss attending this time, can I attend this again?

A6: Yes you can just contact our team and they will share the details of the further session.

Q7. What do I need to keep handy during a webinar?

A7: A Notebook and a pen. We recommend that you note down anything you want to remember.

Q8: Is there any follow-up support or resources available after the webinar?

A8: Yes, after the webinar, we will provide 1:1 Consultation and also the bonuses that we promised to provide you.

Q9: Can I invite friends or colleagues to join the webinar?

A9: Absolutely! We encourage you to invite anyone you think could benefit from this career coaching webinar. Please share the registration link with them.

Q10: How will I get the bonuses?

A10: Once you register and attend the webinar the free gifts will be shared with you over e-mail.